Climate change is upon us. We are experiencing its growing, damaging effects now.

There are things we can do. There is hope.

This website is devoted to the topic of human-caused climate change and what we must do to ameliorate both its harmful impact on human society and the damage it does to natural ecosystems. We attempt to achieve a balance in our perspective on this topic. Although climate change is accurately presented as a dire prospect for humanity's future, it is also important to realize that there are practical, realistic actions we can take now to secure a more stable, embracing climate both for mankind and for all the other forms of life with whom we share this planet. It is the purpose of this home page to offer, as a way of beginning our exploration of climate change, the sources of hope that we often ignore in our study of this confusing and frightening topic.

What can we do?

Join an Action Group

The challenge of stopping and reversing climate change requires a massive effort that would be extremely difficult for one person to effectively conduct. That is why many groups have formed, each working to bring the world closer to a solution to climate change.

For a list of organizations devoted to solving the problem of climate change, go to the page Action Groups

Support Change to Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy sources (wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, biomass) are the most immediately viable ways to provide the necessary energy to comfortably live our lives, without generating the greenhouse gases that are so pervasively damaging to our climate and, thus, to our global civilizations.

For information on renewable energy sources and how to advance their use globally, go to the page Renewability/Sustainability

Support Development of Control of CO2 Levels

Some of the most potentially fruitful ways of controlling levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are methods currently being developed to remove or reuse the CO2 that is already present in the air we breathe.

To further explore these methods, go to the page on Control of CO2.

Support Development of Nuclear Fusion Reactors

Nuclear fusion is a potential source of energy that, if successfully developed, would provide clean, carbon-free energy to the world. Its production would be intrinsically safe and the fuel source (hydrogen from the ocean) would be virtually limitless. There are numerous projects currently underway with the objective of creating commercially viable fusion energy reactors. Although there is, as yet, no nuclear fusion systems that create sufficient energy to be economically profitable, considerable progress has been achieved in that direction.

To find out more about the current status of research on nuclear fusion go to the page Nuclear Fusion.

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